Energized Learning

How will Teachers and Students Use the Energized Learning Site?

We recommend a project-based approach to using the Energized Learning Site. Teachers may also want to collaborate with other teachers in other subject matter areas. Students will establish an account in the Home Energy Save web site that will allow them to calculate energy use is a building, typically their own home or a building of their own design. Once this account is established students can print reports on the energy use and performance of the building. Two examples are shown below.

Energy Bill for Houses in San Jose, California

Detail of Whole House Annual Energy Use

Students may make any number of changes to their building and add energy efficiency options. Each time they do so, recommend that they print a report on the buildings energy performance keeping track of the changes and building configuration. We recommend that student retain these reports in a binder. Students will use the data in these reports to do the assigned lessons. They will analyze trends, explore relationships and minimize energy use and maximize energy services. At the same time they will be learning concepts, principles, formulas and problem solving methods that are keyed to the performance standards and expectations.

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