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Energized Learning: Energy Quiz: Getting Started


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Q1. Making your home more energy-efficient will have primarily which of the following environmental benefits? (check one)

____ Reduce water pollution
____ Help protect endangered species
____ Lower greenhouse-gas emissions
____ Improve the health of forests
____ Increase biodiversity

Q2. On average, which is the "cleaner fuel" in terms of emissions of the greenhouse-gas carbon dioxide (CO2)? Natural Gas or Electricity? (circle one). Why?


Q3. If an addition is made to a house that increases its size by 30%, the energy use will go up by about 30% (True/False). Why?


Q4. Longer showers automatically mean more energy use (True/False). Why?



A house's living room originally had 10 identical incandescent light bulbs, and then energy use for lighting was reduced by 70%. This means that 7 of the bulbs were removed (True/False). Why?


Q6. Spending $500 on a new stereo system will have about the same effect on a household budget as spending $500 on adding insulation to the attic. (True/False). Why?


Q7. It's possible to buy a new energy-efficient appliance without increasing the household monthly cost of living (True/False). Why?


Q8. Which of the four curves reflects the investment plus cumulative energy cost of a home before making an energy-efficiency improvement?: _____ After?: _____
Chart with four lines labeled A, B, C, D: x axis = Time, y axis = Cost
Q9. Which professional(s) could be employed in the field of energy savings (check all that apply)

____ Engineer
____ Doctor
____ Architect
____ Economist
____ Athlete
____ Social Scientist
____ City Planner
____ Statistician
____ Energy-Efficiency Specialist
____ None

Q10. Match the curves to the likely form of energy (write answers next to legend):
  Chart showing Energy Costs by Use.  x axis = Month, y axis = Monthly Energy Bill

_______________ lighting
_______________ air conditioning
_______________ appliances
_______________ heating

Q11. If a home's most recent energy bill is $1000 per year and a computer model predicts that the bill is $1200 per year, the model has a 20% error (True/False). Why?


Q12. Average energy use for a group of people is a good overall indicator of the group's energy use patterns? (Yes/No). Why?


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