Energized Learning

Why use the Energized Learning Site?

We believe that students should have access in the classroom to the same tools and information that are used in the work environment or are otherwise accessible to adults for decision making. At the same time, lessons using these tools should connect to the schools' curriculum and to student performance standards and expectations. The Energized Learning Site attempts to achieve these objectives. Students will utilize the web-based Home Energy Saver (a "virtual laboratory" for studying energy use and savings in the home), which in turn accesses a sophisticated computer model, named DOE-2, developed by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This model was created for the US Department of Energy over a 25-year period and at a cost of $20M. The DOE-2 model is the most sophisticated building energy audit tool and has helped save consumers thousands of times the cost of its development. ( Lab to the Marketplace article)

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