Energized Learning

Teacher Resources

This page provides background materials and downloadable resources for Teachers that are related to the Energized Learning Lessons:


The following links identify linkages between the Energized Learning exercises and national science education standards, for grades 9-12 based on National Science Education Standards. 1996. National Research Council. Washington DC: National Academy Press.
Energized Learning Report (pdf, 920 KB)
Energized Learning Poster (pdf, 752 KB) (image, 300 KB)
Report on Industry Needs & New Two-year College Curriculum (pdf, 468 KB)

Getting Started

Excel Sheet for Analyzing and Charting the results. (xls, 40 KB)
Assessment Quiz: Students' version (doc, 32 KB)
Assessment Quiz: Teachers' version (doc, 40 KB)

Bringing It Home

Climate Change (ppt, 27.5 MB)
Energy Overview (ppt, 8.4 MB)
Home Energized Walkthru (ppt, 1 MB)
Standard Deviation (ppt, 76 KB)
Excel Sheet for Plotting and Charting in "Bring It Home" (xls, 54 KB)

Your Carbon Bubble

How Big is Your Carbon Bubble? (xls, 44KB)
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