Energized Learning

Development Team & Credits

Evan Mills:
Originator and Technical Lead
Staff Scientist
Energy Technologie Area, LBNL
Rollie Otto:
Curriculum Development and Deployment
Head of the Center for Science & Engineering Education, LBNL

Web Design

  • Sondra Jarvis, Computer Systems Engineer for the Energy Technologie Area, LBNL
  • Shannon MacGee, Center for Science and Engineering Education, LBNL

Home Energy Saver Developers

Interactive web calculator and virtual laboratory team

Teacher Collaborators

Mai Sue Chang:
Student Participant from the Pre Service Teacher Program
Michael Thibodeau:
Pre Service Teacher Program Coordinator
Mary Carabell:
Sir Francis Drake High School

Student Collaborators

Kevin Tharp (2004):
Berkeley High School
Eli Marienthal (2001-2003):
Berkeley High School
Fall Semester 2002 Environmental Academy:
Sir Francis Drake High School


Funding for development of the Energized Learning Site provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Building Technologies

Energy Technologies Area

Center for Science & Engineering Education

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Office of Science, Department of Energy

Department of Energy

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